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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves is the classical story which has enchanted lots of children. More than
the adventure and the magical cave where every child would like to get, it is a story about courage and
Two brothers, one cunning and greedy, the other brave and smart, meet a group of rich and powerful
outlaws. By reading the story you can find out what happens to the two brothers.
The book is suitable for children over the age of five who love adventures. The story is retold and the
illustrations are stories on their own. Because a picture is worth 1000 words, as the saying goes, the
illustrator drew one picture for every 1001 words.

The new adventures of Curious Detective

The adventures of the Curious Detective continue in this new book. The stories will make you follow the detective to an exhibition of butterflies or in his encounters with seaweeds and sea animals. He will also introduce you to the fascinating world of bacteria around us. Let’s not forget his meeting with the bats! Are you already curious? Why don’t you start reading?



The adventures of Curious Detective

Hi! I am Curious Detective. Who are you? If you are willing to meet me and make friends, come to
embark together on an adventure. Let’s discover the first clues to the anthill, the mean shark or Mr.
Sneeze. Then we shall have a travel diary and write some stories. Are you ready?



The Clever Mouse

The book includes several German tales about friendship, kindness, devotion, bravery and love, which introduce the reader to amazing adventures and places. You will easily make friends with the characters – from princes and princesses to the clever mouse and the grumpy bear. They will teach you about the friendship between two mice, about the witty king who turns into a peasant, about Heinsel the goblin or about the encounter between Josef and the grumpy bear.



The Crunching Family

Every family is happy, but the family of mice in our story is blissful. They enjoy when they move from a shed to a cat-free house, when they attend a mice wedding or when they find food with ease. But this happiness, which was passed on to them by an old mouse, has downsides too. Sometimes, the happiest of mice would make mistakes. The grandchildren get scared as they spill water on their grandmother. The wives are scolded by the elderly mice when they leave traces in the kitchen and under the landlady’s bed. The young mice are frightened when the housekeeper brings in a cat, but they quickly come up with a solution. Even so, the mice are happy and can enjoy a piece of cheese or some grapes they come across unexpectedly.

Bertolodo and Bertoldino

Bertoldo is funny and smart, but a little bit ugly because of his deformed body. He is laughed at by everyone who sees him. He is as ugly as he is smart, so the king himself wants to meet him and put him to the test.
Read the story to find out what Bertoldo answered to the king and how they became friends.
The book is suitable for children over the age of five. The story is retold and the illustrations are stories on their own. Because a picture is worth 1000 words, as the saying goes, the illustrator drew one picture for every 1001 words.



Chess for beginners

Chess is the sports of great champions. It is a game of strategy which entails a lot of training starting from very young ages. This book is meant for those little players who want to discover the limitless world on the chess board. Each unit will allow them to learn the basics with a view to training for competitions and to solve related problems. The last part of the book offers a series of problems for chess competitions and also valuable advice for those who want to become proficient chess players.

The book has become a best seller due to its nice illustrations and also to its well-known authors who are chess experts specialised in training children.

Inside the vegetable garden 3-4 years

Why do I have to eat vegetables? This is a question the little ones ask their parents, usually while crying in front of their plate with broccoli, carrots or beans. To help parents and teachers to familiarize children with vegetables and their importance to our life, the authors have used friendly pictures and funny exercises necessary to teach new lessons and to consolidate what children already know.